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If you can't GET better, BE better: Survivor's Blueprint

The danger zone…

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, I was top on my world and looking towards the skies. I had won Teacher of the Year for my work with Character Education programs. As a new realtor, I made my entire year teaching salary in 6months. The wife and I bought our dream home and went on vacation to Costa Rica to celebrate our wins with family and friends. That vacation was the last time I walked without assistance. Within the first 6months of treatment, my lesions tripled, I was hospitalized with pneumonia twice and a third for mental confusion and suicidal thoughts. The wife and I were fighting over finances and the depression, confusion, fear associated with a diagnosis of chronic illness pushed me to the lowest, darkest corners of my imagination.


If you can't GET better, BE better: A Gratitude Journal

If you can't GET better, BE better: Gratitude Journal for Educators

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