I accept CashApp, Paypal, Venmo & Zelle. 

I teach Black men the tools to put mindset OVER bs so they manage stress and better their communication.

Inspirational Speaking- Armed with Gratitude Journals for ALL attendees, I deliver
high-energy sessions with specific behaviors to address or skills to improve.

  • One hour – $2,499.00+
  • 4 – 8 hours – Gratitude Boot Camp $9,999.00+

Agencies of Gratitude $8,997.00+ – I develop 90-day programs so that schools &
businesses include Gratitude Journals as daily activities to:

💛 increase participation

🧡 prioritize mental health

❤ improve communication

💚 discover strengths

Gratitude Journals for ALL attendees!


Managing Your Child’s Online Work is a service that manages your child’s online schoolwork, provides weekly tutoring and offers cash/rewards for book reports and A’s!

  • M.Y.C.O.W. – $499.00 /mo –

M.O.B. University (Mindset OVER bullshit) – $699.00/mo

– I offer online classes that
improve mindset with by individual learning style, brain hemisphere, analogies, yoga,
meditation, herbs, food is medicine and more.

EVERY purchase receives an updated resume
and letter of interest based on the strengths we discover during your classes!


Large Orders of Gratitude Journals (Holiday Specials for 6-pack & 12-case)

  • 6-pack, autographed and mailed to whoever =$200
  • 12 -pack, autographed and mailed to whoever =$400
  • 500 books = $4999.00 total (savings of 50%)
  • 1000 books = $9,999.00 (50% savings)

Autographed Gratitude Journals with custom messaging – $34.99

  • Include a M.O.B. University, M.Y.C.O.W. (10% savings on your chosen service to include!)

Advertisement slots available via Disabled BUT podcast $39.00

  • Commercial S/O (Shout Out)
  • Appearance/Interview on Disabled BUT…

Resumes, Reviews & Letters of Interest $50.00/hr


Moderation of your Clubhouse or FB Audio rooms $45.00/hr

Tutorials up to the 8th grade – $40/hr

  • High School Tutorials at $50/hr
  • ☆☆ same as OTHER tutorial picture ☆☆

Pre-order my next book
G.O.A.T. (Gangsta of all Teachers) -$30.00


Attend a Matthew Business Network meeting for contacts and clients - $10

Entry to the Agency of Gratitude $9.99/mo

- For daily examples of Gratitude Journal'ing, Manifestation, Calls to Action, Value and of course, the energy and opportunity for me to join YOUR journey! EVERY day, I'm there 7am, M-F. I'm there every weekend. Need help with yoga, meditation, herbs, love language, understanding your brain hemisphere? I'm there!

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