I teach the tools to put . . .

mindset OVER limiting beliefs & negative thoughts.

Former Teacher of the Year
Former New Teacher of the Year
Former Student Teacher of the Year

Life Coach | Keynote Speaker | Author | Podcast Host

My Services

$99.00  Better You,  Better Parent, Better Spouse 

  1.  Learn basic yoga
  2.  Learn basic mediation
  3. Guided Gratitude Journaling
  4. Guided Manifestation
  5. Learn your love language
  6. Learn how memory works

TWO days of high-energy, crash courses with a 6-pack of tools that improve YOUR mindset.


$999.00 Agency of Gratitude (1 week) 

81% of employees would work harder IF their boss was more grateful. 53% of employees STAY if the boss was more grateful.

I develop programs so that schools & businesses solve issues using Gratitude Journals.

  • increase attendance
  • improve communication
  • build community
  • prioritize mental health

M.O.B. University (Mindset OVER bullshit) – $699.00/mo

● every day coaching

● everyday accountability

● change YOUR perspective



M.Y.C.O.W. – $499.00 /mo 

Manage Your Child’s Online Work

● 2hrs of weekly tutorials

● consistent correspondence with all teachers


Advertisement slots available via allthingsonelove podcast $39.00/mo.


Tutorials up to the 8th grade – $40/hr



Member of Matthews Business Group MBN

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