I teach the tools to put . . .

mindset OVER limiting beliefs & negative thoughts.

Former Teacher of the Year
Former New Teacher of the Year
Former Student Teacher of the Year

Inspirational Speaker | Author | Blogger | Podcast Host

My Services

$99.00 -7 days of M.O.B. University & Journal

  1.  Learn basic yoga
  2.  Learn basic mediation
  3. Guided Gratitude Journaling
  4. Guided Manifestation
  5. Learn your love language,
  6. Learn your brain hemisphere and more tools!

$999.00 – 7 days of Agency of Gratitude 

81% of employees would work harder IF their boss was more grateful. 53% of employees STAY if the boss was more grateful.

I develop programs so that schools & businesses solve issues using Gratitude Journals.

  • increase attendance
  • improve communication
  • build community
  • prioritize mental health

M.O.B. University (Mindset OVER bullshit) – $699.00/mo

M.Y.C.O.W. – $499.00 /mo –

Advertisement slots available via Disabled BUT podcast $39.00


Tutorials up to the 8th grade – $40/hr



Member of Matthews Business Group MBN

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