Category: If you can’t GET better, BE better Lifestyle Diary

This is a video diary of Kendrick’s attempts to rid his body of the candida fungus by eliminating alcohol, sugar, and gluten from his diet in addition to taking 14 vitamins/supplements aimed at his own deficiencies. (*duck face*)

Confessions of the If you can’t GET better, BE better Lifestyle: Day #20, Thursday – 4/10/21

The Candida-free Lifestyle is when YOU eliminate:• Alcohol• Sugar• Gluten☆I became Pescatarian 3/1/2017☆ Couple nights a week 🤞🏾, I plan to update readers, listeners, TRIBESMEN on the benefits of the Candida-free Lifestyle as it pertains to Multiple Sclerosis. This means I’m talking about wellness, BMs, energy, incontinence, shaking and OTHER MS-related issues. I’m hoping to

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