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I grew up a reader. I read Malcolm X’s autobiography in the 6th grade but a teacher wrote me up and said I wasn’t capable of digesting such materials. *eye roll* I ended up becoming a teacher, winning Teacher of the Year, and left the classroom unaware that my true talent, real potential lay in written words. As my infatuation with blogging grew, my heart and spirit healed from the emotional scars of chronic illness. I published my FIRST ebook, If you can’t GET better, BE better, on January 1, 2020. The book is a collection of the 8 changes I undertook to transform my mindset into one sturdy enough for a life of adaptions, handicaps and disabilities. Over the remainder of 2020, I published two other books that culminated with the final, Knowledge Chase is Da G.O.A.T.. The book explores the unorthodox teaching methods and effective communication techniques that a young, Black teacher in Houston, Texas uses to captures his student’s imagination and harvest their attention. I’ve included poetry, remixes, and more short stories as I heighten my writing skills to start a new career as an author and blogger. What I have learned is that practice, the motions, and thoughts associated with crafting new stories have the power to distract my mind from the pain of my body. As I write the stories of Knowledge Chase, D’Boiya Beast, and Yevar, I am taken away from the pain, numbness, tingling, and spasms of Primary Progressive Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. These stories, this passion, work as healing agents for me and I hope, answer questions for readers and you.