Agency of Gratitude

I develop programs and customized Gratitude Journals so that schools include the recognition of Gratitude as a daily activity. The benefits of such directed activity are:

  • prioritize mental health
  • increased student participation
  • improve student-teacher relationships
  • discover students’ strengths

Unique 90-day Gratitude Journals

Programs receive customized Gratitude Journals that honor the history of the area and showcases the influence of success. Blended with quotes, wellness tips, and my personal past entries of Gratitude as a guide to changing perspective.

Daily Inspirational Journaling of Gratitude

Each day, I go LIVE to exemplify how Gratitude Changes Perspective by explaining quotes and holding open discussions of its influence and relevance.

Weekly Conference Calls

During these 12 weekly conferences, I will partner with leadership to develop a focus of the Gratitudes, quotes, and open discussion so that specific behaviors are improved.

Agency of Gratitude Distinction

At the conclusion of 90 days, programs shift into an independent role. 9 Monthly meetings in which behaviors, communication, and goals are targeted and addressed. Each program uses its own Agents of Gratitude to lead the daily inspirational sessions. After one year, the program is honored and celebrated. The Agency of Gratitude Distinction is used to attract higher quality employees and maintain their services.

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