These are the opinions and ideas of a King living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I, Kendrick Avant, experienced an increase in lesions using prescription medicines. These opinions and ideas should not constitute and/or substitute for medical advice. I am one real, live, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient with MY hopes, dreams, and testimonies laid bare, in hope, it will help others to know they are not alone. This is my MS story but my Queen and kids fight the illness with me.

I am an Agent of Gratitude. I lead allthingsonelove, an Agency of Gratitude. Together, we champion wellness and give *BOTH middle fingers* to chronic pain, autoimmune disease, and invisible illness. As a family, team, unit, the squad, we navigate the changes and lifestyle that follow the decision to embrace Eastern Medicine over pharmaceutical drugs. Our goals have undergone a metamorphosis of perspective as we’ve grown. First, my wife and Queen retired from nursing to address the need for our dietary conversions and subtle shifts in eating habits. Although only Kendrick emerged Pescatarian, all others have radically reduced their intake of meat products. Instead, we experiment with exotic fruit and vegetables while aggressively increasing our overall consumption of healthy, meatless alternatives. Our children are home-schooled (separate, remote programs) to manage the risk of COVID-19 to themselves as well as their father. Physical exercise, once a school activity alone, is elevated by family trips to parks for basketball, neighborhood walks, and family yoga sessions. Screen-time was increased as the kids showed a sincere interest in developing content for gaming sites, YouTube channels, and of course, hanging out with family and friends over social media and video games. The additions, deletions, and revisions to our diet, activity, and lifestyle led to the hunt for wellness, the complete state of physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. With this rare opportunity to feel growth, push maturity, challenge conventional thinking, and conquer fear, our family seeks to build a lifestyle based exclusively on the ability to travel despite handicaps, disabilities, illness, or negativity. Our goal is to live on foreign beaches, free of medical commercials, and allow our children to experience life abroad. To reach those tropical climates and give the family time to enjoy that fantasy lifestyle, the entire unit helps to design and upgrade the blog as we continue shaping our foundation. My daughters work with me to create videos, edit podcasts and stack our library with photos and recorded events. My son stands guard, ready to physically move me should the need arise. When shoveling bags, equipment, and *winks* wheelchairs, he volunteers for heavy work and protection duties of his sisters. Our First Adult hovers about the grounds, handling store runs, chauffering siblings while completing her own mission of entrepreneurship. The Queen, exhilarating in her new position as “Wellness Chef”, hired herself as a secondary blogger confessing appreciation for the art of writing. 

Alas, there is myself, the Agent of Gratitude. I am employed as the face of the Agency and routinely parade the benefits of a Gratitude Journal, how it improved my perspective, cemented my acceptance of an illness I struggle to manage, much less combat. I maintain my mental clarity and emotional composure during stressful times with a Gratitude Journal to flood my memory with GOOD things that occur daily. The continuous activity of finding, reporting, and judging Gratitudes restricts the available free time I have to consider negativity. This practice alone is the foundation of my heart’s emotional strength and the reason I am able to see beyond my plethora of godforsaken symptoms. Meditation is a direct response to the need for improving my mental endurance. After two years, I can catch my thoughts going dark and steer them towards positivity and productivity. I adopted yoga for the stability of my body, starting with 12 poses and two years later, I have over 60 at my command to halt or slow the effects of the disease. My soul flies as we build this lifestyle, brand, business, and blog together!

Kendrick Avant


About Me – A quick rundown of ME, my credentials and different social media platforms.

My WHY – This is MY story with chronic illness and WHY I do the things I do.

Multiple Sclerosis – The techniques and routines I use to manage Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Products & Services

Here, you will find the services provided: tutoring, blogging, freestyle writing, motivational speaking, and Agencies of Gratitude. I use an arsenal of technology, devices, and apps to address the needs of clients and my innate strength of communication has only heightened as I OVER-stand my illnesses. The pandemic grants openings and I use it to think outside the box. Whether writing articles that coat products and services in genuineness or speaking to groups with a naturalism born of gritty decisions and successful endeavors, I shine inspirational words and relatable stories to steer others towards a positive, grateful life.

Agency of Gratitude – This is my trademark service and training available for schools and businesses. I train how to use Gratitude Journals as a behavior modification technique that encourages specific changes and improvements across cultures and age ranges.

Reviews and Recommendation – I write reviews of products, restaurants, services and businesses. These writings illustrate my ability to engage readers with meaningful content. I offer these ability to fulfill your speeches, resumes, letters of interest, lesson plans, blogs, essays, literary projects, products descriptions and much more!


Multiple Sclerosis is NOT strong enough to kill me. No way, no how. It is very capable of making life miserable as you lose control of basic body functions, physically and mentally. I fight back with MINDSET. I know my purpose is to help others. Helping others is what defined my career in education, all three levels, as a teacher. Although schools refuse to hire me in their classrooms (*shrugs* Guess it is the wheelchair but whatever.) I can inspire others, like me. I can detail the experiences on and off prescription medicines. I can share the intricacies of cannabis that I’ve learned will affect your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, how, why. I offer my harrowing accounts of balancing my water intake to offset the issues with bowel movements and incontinence. Are you struggling with sleep? Me too and I blogged about the solutions I found. Marriage, parenting, relationships and exhaustion. I know. *fist bump* It jacks me up and I offer what I did; in hopes, you do better. This blog is the help that I can provide to others. From the lessons I’ve learned changing my diet (I’m 4yrs into the Pescatarian lifestyle.) to how my family of 6, somehow, with a parent like ME, is surviving this Pandemic.

MS-Related posts – *nods head* Yup. Exactly that. Posts that illustrate, educate or testify to living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.


This is the backbone of my transformation! Gratitude is stating what your grateful for AND giving the all-important WHY statement.

My Gratitude Journal – I started my online Gratitude Journal in October 2020 and I do it everyday to exemplify for others that Gratitude Changes Perspective.

Disabled BUT… – This is my individual podcast over THRIVING beyond chronic illness, interviews, Wellness tips, what I learned this week and more!

Inspirational Talks – I have a FB Group in which I share my Gratitudes LIVE to encourage and help others finish their Journals. I invite any and all to join. (Nope, you don’t need MY Gratitude Journal to join either. *fist bump*


We swim in facts concerning wellness. Over the years, the family and I gathered tips, strategies, tricks, short-cuts to improve wellness and even debunked some. From vitamins and supplements to water, yoga, meditation, diet, even our children take Wellness & Holistic Health courses within their respective schools. Here, we share that information as images, videos, and eyewitness accounts.

Wellness Tips – A collections of writings that highlight wellness.

If you can’t GET better, BE better Lifestyle Diary – I tried living without candida fungus, took the vitamins, drink the tea, no sugar, no gluten, no alcohol… *deep breathe* It was WORK but this is what I learned.

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