Gratitude Journal Day #455: Monday, 1/3/22

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4 Moves to increase energy & focus article

3.) Old School Fool’ing – Today, I’m doing my FIRST EVER FB Audio Room. *nervous* Nothing fancy, no high quality agenda, just me inviting people to share their weekend stories. I’m doing this for visibility AND connections. *rubs hands* I SEE my target audience everyday and they deserve to meet me!

2.) Weighted Bathrobe – Christmas gift. 💥. This mug keeps a young Daddy warm and it is stylish too. The green matches my colors, pillars and favorite football teams so even MORE gratitude.

1.) Order my own vitamins! – *pops collar* I’m getting more intentional with my wellness. No, I do not order my own because my wife does it. Time for me to “cut the middleman” and get things efficient. She focuses on actual HEALTH, magnesium, D3, seaweed, kalawalla. I’m going for ENERGY so bring in mushrooms, and niacin.

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