How Kendrick Avant improves workplace culture

I invigorate the culture of businesses so supervisors build confidence in members, improve communication across teams and retain employees.

2021 ushered in a wave of turnover that empowers the employee. Supervisors and leadership can inspire effort with their own attitude and energy. Gratitude Journals track and encourage this practice at the workplace so employees are acknowledged.  

When supervisors and leaderships routinely express Gratitude, they are encouraging positive emotions and positive experiences for others. This directly leads to filling the buckets of employees and building stronger relationships. 

Employees NEED to know their work is appreciated to truly fulfill their duties and responsibilities.” 

Uplifting employees with Gratitude for their dedication to the craft is the most effective and inexpensive instrument to upgrade their performance. 

For several years, I moonlighted as an independent sales agent and achieved top status in sales despite disabilities, handicaps, appearance, and health conditions. 

I’ve done this across 4 sales areas, real estate, insurance, tutoring, and telesales with one commonality. My attitude. I am in a GOOD mood and able to present a confident, positive attitude.

People buy the salesman before the product or service.

The power of a Gratitude Journal lies in its ability to reduce OVER-thinking. By writing acknowledged GOOD things, people reinforce WHY they are grateful, therefore shaving the negative thoughts and celebrating the positive things on a routine basis.

Available options to change your culture & increase sales!!

I deliver high energy, talks and stories that focus on the power of Gratitude changing perspective and culture. Taking attendees through the low points of my health struggles and financial ruin to the entrepreneurial spirit that wheelchairs in different countries, I exemplify how expressing Gratitude for what’s in front of you, OVER-standing your WHY, reduces the negative thoughts and creates confidence. Supervisors & leadership will be awarded with printed Gratitude Journals but ALL attendees will receive my ebook, If you can’t GET better, BE better: Survivor’s Blueprint. I will meet with employees for life coaching, entrepreneurship and simple tools that elevate mindset over limiting beliefs.

$8,999 – 4hr Staff Training

A full crash course in M.O.B. University tools and mindset including Gratitude, Love language, learning style, brain hemisphere and analysis. Attendees are taught how to use these tools at home to improve parenting and relationships.

$2,499 – 1hr Inspirational Gratitude Presentation

Over one hour, attendees learn the 9 steps to changing perspective, meditation, mantras, social media, diet, and of course, GRATITUDE.

$1,999 – 30min Inspirational Gratitude Presentation

Over 30min, attendees will learn the steps I use to project a sense and spirit of Gratitude in sales. These tactics can be used on an individual basis to increase sales 37%!

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