Gratitude Journal Day #423: Thursday, 12/2/21

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4.) Juicy – Sugar Free (chopped & screwed) – I woke UP thinking about this song! It may have been the 1st song I liked, chopped and screwed. I didn’t start out loving that style of music. As soon I could, I let it RIP in my ears to give me something to JAM to. Call me crazy but despite the chronic pain, damn the wack ass disabilities, if I have the right tunes in my head, I move better. Sometimes I think my body just get sick AF of ME giving instructions and would rather listen to the artists’ voice than me. *shrugs* COOL beans. I’ll grab the Bluetooth because it is all about negotiation! 🀣🀣

3.) Learned new term – Neurodiverse. πŸ€”. Basically, it’s the preferred & politically correct way to label people with UNSEEN disabilities. Yuuup, I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis so I’m in here with the high anxiety, emotional problems, social stressors that hold your hand while battling the freaking disease. The power in knowing this new term is public speaking, CH, mentoring and of course, serving my clients. S/O to Dr. Zakiya Mabery for schooling all us at the Disability Summit.

Dr. Zakiya Mabery Amplify DEI website

2.) The store is updated – Finally! Removed the shirts BUT kept my three favorites. Added the Queen’s high quality items. Fixed that doggone issue where the store’s page was unstable. Visitors could only see HALF the page! 😬 Well, now it is fixed. *whew*

1.) Dropped Episode 9 of Disabled BUT… – Its just me y’all! Got it done and posted. I am on FIRE!!!

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