Gratitude Journal Day #421: Tuesday, 11/30/21

3.) Purifying Truths interview – I’m making CONNECTIONS people! Gotta be grateful when somebody finds you worthy of an interview because it gives ME the sense of being valued. SOME-body thinks my message is worthy of a platform. *bows* Thank you Queen!

Purifying Truths (Spotify link)

2.) Marvin Reid meeting – I’ve heard him speak on several occasions. Everytime, he drops nuggets of knowledge towards the direction or target audience of small businesses. I need someone to review my pitch, businesses plan and executive summary. Although we can’t solve everything in a 15min meeting, we can get a little sumtin SOME-thing done. After this, I’m sending out emails and texting introductions. #LetsGO

HIS IG account: Volume2official

1.) Disability Summit promos – It begins tomorrow! Grateful for the opportunity to speak but I’m also grateful to spreading the message to my channels because it aligns with my pen intent & purpose. Doing independent promos lets me focus on my original audiences and I missed that.

Day ONE of the Disability Summit link (Clubhouse link!!!)

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