Gratitude Journal Day #415: Wednesday, 11/24/21

3.) Gotta BETTER store coming! – Dude. Guuurl. The t-shirts in my Shop right now are all created by ME. They’re cool beans. I like them. I order them. I rock them all out in public. My QUEEN insists that I step up my t-shirt game since the website is soo much better. “How you do all that but keep those plain shirts?” Theeeen, she showed her stuff by busting out with these beauties. Heck, her t-shirts even have models! I am impressed by her effort and energy. I am in love with her contribution to this company. *bows*

2.) Adobe Stock – I wanted a super crunk, customized logo. I couldn’t afford that so BOOM. Adobe Stock to the rescue! I used this as my temporary base and did my own logo. *beats on chest* I’m in business.

1.) Eclixo fixed my website! – *fist bump* He’s the Fiverr website developer that I’ve bragged about a few times. He fixed that 3rd developer’s mistakes and laziness. Last night, on short notice, he took time to fix the website for free. NO CHARGE. Wow. *sniff* That is how you build relationships with people. Responding to their time of need. My website works on all cellphones now. I was freaking out because it wouldn’t work on iphones. I’m good now! Thanks Eclixo!

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