Gratitude Journal Day #386: Tuesday, 10/26/21

3.) Wale’s new album – Grown man album. #SaluteMyAssOff. This mug was rocking so hard that I didn’t even take notes! My wife is a big Wale fan so she’s excited to jam it herself. The Gratitude is that it took my mind off non-sense and negativity long enough for me to get stuff done. I had a rough spell, tripping on financial usuals, wondering if I messed up by INVESTING in my business, I was stuck. The album fixed that.  You don’t need to throw Gratitudes at EVERYTHING. Sometimes, music can change your mood. Better mood, better you. 🎧

2.) Replaced his contacts – Kid #2 has basketball tryouts THIS week. He broke AND lost his glasses a few months ago. He went through his contacts in ONE day last time. πŸ‘‘ I dropped the cash like it was no big deal. #Boss. I’ll never again complain about the cost of kids because those years of unemployment taught me humility and appreciation for the ability TO pay. Next up, it comes from HIS pocket because we have systems in place for earning allowance. *pops collar*

1.) WHAT an affirmation! – I woke up to this! This kinda stuff DEFINES affirmation. Wow. Today, I want to give THAT to someone else. #PayItForward

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