Gratitude Journal Day #343: Monday, 9/13/21

Gratitude Journal Day #343: Monday, 9/13/21


3.) Strawberry Crunch Cupcakes – 1st Adult decided to try a new recipe and I’m grateful to have gotten FIRST slice. It had a nice strawberry crunch on top of a nicer strawberry cupcake. *nodding head* It wasn’t too sweet either. Grateful it quenched my sugar addiction with one serving.

2.) Accessible Yoga Training – I got the scholarship. ✅ I paid for my classes. Well, I dropped the first installment. ♻️ It starts TODAY. *nervous chuckle* I’m doing this for the Tribe!

The IG post for today!

1.) Prequel app – This mug is pretty cool. It has coincided with my most popular post and I’m pretty sure it was the app. It doesn’t have a free option but it’s $30/year and I scooped it permanently. Good price and I’ve already seen an IG Influencer brag on it AFTER I purchased it. #Boom. Shot to my confidence and business acumen!

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