Gratitude Journal Day #336: Sunday, 9/5/21

Slow Down Sunday in 3… 2… 1…

3.) Everybody home safe – 🤫👏🏾 I’m honest with y’all. This is the EASIEST Gratitude for me to do. I’m grateful because we’ll see each other again, kids will be raised and we had fun THIS time. We shut things down waaaaaaaay earlier than usual and I’m extra grateful for that because we were up so late preparing for the party. 😴

2.) S/O to the COOKS – It was more than my wife. Shun worked the grill like an old pro. Dude didn’t even use lighter fluid. 🧐 HIS Mom is a proven SUPER cook so when she pumped out the mac-and-cheese and beans… *mindblown*

1.) Learned NOT to use cold email – CH to my rescue. I had BIG plans of selling my new TEACHER-inspired Gratitude Journals to teachers by email but I learned that was a serious CAN-SPAM violation. 🤫🙄😭 Back to the drawing board I go because ain’t nobody got time for fines and blockage.

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