Gratitude Journal Day #333: Thursday, 9/2/21

Gratitude Journal Day #333: Thursday, 9/2/21

I’m waaaaay too late to be dropping a cute line or something that makes you think. 😉

3.) Vivo – Vivo is family movie. I had NO idea about it, hadn’t seen a preview, didn’t recognize a voice and I… give it a solid B+. *nodding head* It says a LOT that I didn’t fall asleep. The QT family time brought some GREAT ideas like doing the Ecuador 🇪🇨 podcast episode as a game show. #Boom

Vivo preview

2.) Found my out-FIT – My eldest graduates from cosmetology school this weekend. 👏🏾 We’re throwing a 90s/2000s party to celebrate. 🥳 I got my uniform for the party and I KNOW it’s gonna blow minds, win prizes and straight up steal the show. NOPE. I will NOT share what it is because I’m worried about snitches. I will tell this, I’m grateful it didn’t cost me a dime but an 1 or 2 of my time. 🤜🏾🤛🏾🤣

1.) Did MY interview – I did my 3rd interview. (I appeared on Dr. Mary’s Show but that wasn’t a podcast.) The first two, the hosts ended up NOT publishing my interview! 🤷🏾‍♂️😑 Brandy interviewed me and  I KNOW she will publish my words. Grateful for that because everyone loves support. EVERYBODY.

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