Gratitude Journal Day #209:
Friday, 4/30/21

Gratitude and I’m headed back to bed.

3.) Half-way done – I will clap for my damn self! *clapping* I decided to take the rest of the week for healing and recovery (MS stuff, bladder stuff, herniated/bulging discs, difficulty breathing). I would guess I’m about half way there however, I’m talking about halfway complete with writing the revisions to my first self-help ebook, If you can’t GET better, BE better. Nope, I probably shouldn’t be working so feverishly on it during an obvious painful stretch but that why I’m an OUTLAW. I fully intend on finishing it TODAY. 🤞🏾🤴🏾

2.) Groceries delivered – Not just delivered, delivered in the rain. I’m grateful my Queen or kids didn’t have to fight traffic, bad weather or horrible driving conditions.

1.) Daughter stayed home – I’m grateful she TRIED to go to school. I’m proud of HER work ethic. I’m crunk, she realized that going to school was not worth the risk and returned home to jump in puddles and distract her siblings from their school.

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This is an excursion of awakening into positive thinking, entrepreneurship, and natural healing while living life. In short, I am an AWESOME teacher-turned-Passioneer. No, I didn't retire because kids were too crazy, pay was too small, work was too much or forced to give too many tests. A Passioneer is an individual that exercises passion.

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