Gratitude Journal Day #205:Monday, 4/26/21

*thumping chest* Gratitude is on YOU, about YOUR perspective and YOUR energy.

3.) SHE was talking about MY passion – SHE is my Queen. 👸🏾 I was taking care of personal bid-ness and left the group. When I came back, I could hear her telling everyone about how much I talk about Gratitude Journals, their effect, the energy, MY transformation. I wasn’t trying to spy or nothing (🤫😑 After all, I am WHEELCHAIR-bound so my ninja mode is non-existent.) but it was sooo cool listening as I wall-walked to the door and bust in like, “HA! CAUGHT YOU TALKING ABOUT ME!” 🤣🤣 I acted like I didn’t hear anything and went on kicking it.

2.) Matching razor handle! – Amazon got me. Dude, I bought a bundle of razors for a playa price off Amazon. It was SUPPOSED to come with a handle but there was none. That’s aight tho. I found a handle easy peezy, dumb luck, under my bathroom sink. I have NO idea how old it is but it works soooo… 🙏🏾

1.) I’m HOME – Safe, sound and worn out. I made a quick run into the city to scoop a homie. Noooo, I didn’t drive but he needed somebody he knew would stay awake and I can do that. (Too much neurosis and UN-comfortable cramping for sleep.) I’m grateful this ol’ Multiple Sclerosis came in handy! 💪🏾

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This is an excursion of awakening into positive thinking, entrepreneurship, and natural healing while living life. In short, I am an AWESOME teacher-turned-Passioneer. No, I didn't retire because kids were too crazy, pay was too small, work was too much or forced to give too many tests. A Passioneer is an individual that exercises passion.

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