allthingsonelove Confessions: E17. Wednesday, 4/7/21

What ya boi up to

GURL. *shaking head* The bounce back ain’t what it used to be. I didn’t even go that hard compared to the usual damage I drag my body through. I did 11 GOOD days (no sugar, no gluten, no alcohol). Then, 3.5 days of bad stuff. (Again, I didn’t even go THAT hard, drink THAT much, eat THAT much either. *scout’s honor*) Now, I’m back clean and the struggle is real.

And nooooow, I present Episode 17 of Confessions!

link to the YouTube episode, Confessions.

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This is an excursion of awakening into positive thinking, entrepreneurship, and natural healing while living life. In short, I am an AWESOME teacher-turned-Passioneer. No, I didn't retire because kids were too crazy, pay was too small, work was too much or forced to give too many tests. A Passioneer is an individual that exercises passion.

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