allthingsonelove Review: Platinum Cookies

What I read OR heard.

The SMELL. All I knew about it was that it smelled like cookies. *shrugs* Cool beans, let’s try it.

My initial impression…

The smell wasn’t as awesome or sweet as I hoped. I envisioned something close the strong, sweet smells of the Fruit Loop strain. I was pleasantly surprised by the energy it gave. I actually felt like I was inhaling energy!

What I noticed about it.

Other than the energy, not much else. I was happy and energetic. I wasn’t tripping and OVER-thinking stuff. It had an intense “high” that lasted for awhile and basically disappeared in chucks. It was tapering down within an hour or so. After 2 hours, I felt I should re-charge it.

How I would use it.

I feel safe and competent using it at work, speaking to neighbors, just hanging with family because of it’s smell. It doesn’t mask the smell of cannabis or anything close but with shorter overall time, I don’t worry about lingering effects or forgetting what I’m doing. It’s best used on comedy movies and series because that original, intense high can be matched with funny stuff for ultimate laughs.

Honestly, how long does it last?

About 2 hours

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