Gratitude Journal Day #182: Saturday, 4/3/21

Gratitude Journal Day #182: Saturday, 4/3/21

What a Saturday do I have planned!

3.) Neice and nephews – In actuality, dem kids ain’t studden me at all. I’m just grateful to see them on something OTHER than a doggone computer screen. My nephew does his absolute best to show off for my Queen but I recognize game. I can’t blame the youngster. My nephew shot past me to chop and hoop with my son. My last neice? At least SHE waved before running away with my daughters. 🤣

2.) Sat with my Father – We chilled and caught up on life, marriage, my Multiple Sclerosis and everything in-between. I needed that talk and those stories but dawg, I’m grateful to SEE the King.

1.) Hugged my Momma! – Not once but TWICE. I knew I missed my Mom but it wasn’t until the hug that I realized how MUCH. 🖤🖤🖤

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