Gratitude Journal Day #155: Saturday, 3/6/21

Saturday. I’m here. You here. They here. Where are the Gratitudes?

3.) The food was GOOD – We hit it Perry’s for a King’s Born Day celebration and showed out. If I had to choose my favorite dish of the night, it was the tuna. We all ate like it was a buffet and I came home with stories to tell. *winks*

Truffle Fries
Ahi Tuna

2.) SUPER Blessings for the whole Tribe! – ONE King paid for EVERYTHING at the restaurant, didn’t bat an eye, moved in silence, like a ninja. We were all pulling out debit cards and figuring up gratuity fees when the waitress said, “Oh GUYS! You’ve all been great. Your tab was taken care of and blah blah blah…”

*music stops* Wait. What? Huh? Who the? The table tried not to make a big deal of the gesture. We wanted to look like Gangstas and play it cool but that was damn near $1000 worth of grub and alcohol! *blinking slowly* Whoa. That’s what you call LOVE! A million thank you’s to the family that *sniff* invested in our AWESOME shenanigans.

1.) Made it HOME like a real G – S/O to the Queen for her navigation skills! I was grateful as hell to sleep in my bed.

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