Hawkeye presents: A Tier ONE User’s Perspective on SuckaFree 21, THE Madden 21 CFM (Connected Franchise Mode)

Yoooo. This post is NOT written by Levar Chase nor Kendrick Avant. The big homie Hawk has decided to slide in and provide a piece for the SuckaFree league. I take NO responsibility for any beef that may cook!!!

Hawkeye presents: A Tier ONE User’s Perspective on SuckaFree 21, THE Madden 21 CFM (Connected Franchise Mode)

Who’s ready for Sucka Free CFM!! A lot of movement in the AFC but only seven strong contenders competing to represent their conference in the Super Bowl. Ant Joh, who’s flying high with the J-E-T-S, took forever to claim his team and that could prove costly down the stretch. The good side is he’s the only user in that division. Funky(Chargers) & Flu(Texans), both OG’s of SuckaFree, are WAY back in the gap. Flu faces off H2H with two proven play callers in JAYlyn(Chiefs) & Pickens(Colts). The question is, will Funky, the ultimate team builder (in years past), sit back and watch the newbie gain momentum and build confidence out the gates. Or will he shoulder the integrity of the league with his Madden experience to fight tooth and nail, show the noob who’s Boss. I mean, he is the commissioner! Oh yeah, its just week 1… If 

If I were a gambling man, would say Rocket(Browns) will win the AFC North. Dude can really hold his own. Don’t sleep on him. But for some reason when the lights are bright, that same pedigree doesn’t equate and for that Ballislife(Ravens) has a fighter’s chance. Arguably the most electrifying team on Madden, Ballislife should have a clear identity of who his team is. Lets just hope it equates to wins. The two teams meet up opening night. Now, to the main course, the meat and potatoes of this here piece. I’m talkin bout the rodeo going on in Indy. If you’re not bringing your hard hat and shit kickers(boots) to the party its gone be a long night. Defying conventional wisdom and boldly suggesting to the entire league that he’s the “Michael Jordan of SuckaFree(3X champ M20 Y7,*8 & 9).” 

Pickens has picked his would-be-ready-made team with seven aggressive moves from the trade block. In the famous words of Kane, “better me than the muthafuccin cops” Menace Il Society… Flu (Old Dog) | hope you got some new tricks up you sleeves POTNA!!!

Ding Ding SuckaFree Madden 21 Year 1 begins. That’s my 2 cents & y’all can keep the change…. ‘The Cashier’ * conflicting schedules between Cowboys and Falcons 

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