5-star Review: Texas Hair Team (shopping/restaurant area off I-45 in Conroe)

I come here JUST for Miss Ollie Reece. She’s does the hair for African Americans, like myself and son. Neither of us were used to the beauty salon experience and didn’t know what to expect. Tell y’all this, we AIN’T going back to the barber shop NO time soon! Ok, number one, the feeling of a thorough head shampoo before your cut is truly underappreciated. As a guy, I’ve probably never washed my head that well, this consistently. Number two, I really, really like how she makes eye contact and repeats your description of how you want your haircut. Nobody likes when the barber kinda cuts you off with that, “yea, yea, yea, yea. I know. I know.” Number three is that $15 tag. Whew! Four? Miss Ollie walks you to the door after your cut and gives you a hug. That’s big for me because in a world of social media and disappearing speaking skills, it’s good to be treated like a individual person.

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