4-star Review: AutoZone (the one on West Davis, across from new H-E-B)

So, I’m handicapped like a MUG. When my HS graduate of a daughter needed her car battery replaced, I immediately advised AutoZone because I knew they installed a battery, if you bought it. I called ahead first to make sure it was cool beans and we took off. I was grateful that an employee rushed to help get me in. (Doors + wheelchairs = ) Once I got in, there was NO time wasted. I explained the car battery issue and another employee got to work. I MUST brag on his work ethic and tenacity because my battery posts were quite… err… JACKED UP.  It was hot as mosquito booty, humid was Granny’s front room  and he knocked it out. Another patron pulled in, helped the employee (it was DEFINITELY necessary) and left me his card seeing that I’m handicapped and wheelchair bound.

I appreciated the sincere conversation before buying too. I’m used to people trying to upsell me and dude kept it all the way .

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