5-star Review: DPS Office in Willis, TX

Let’s get to THE point. I’m seriously handicapped due to Multiple Sclerosis. We showed up, no appointment, set on waiting in line for my daughter’s driving test. We were #16 OUTSIDE the office. The employees were outside giving their spill, y’all know, documents ready, ids acceptable, blah, blah, blah. That’s when the employees noticed my handicapped behind, chilling and pretending to be normal in line. They pulled us out and sent us ahead. *sniff* I could’ve cried because today was a baaaaaad day and I needed help. FIVE STARS!!!

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This is an excursion of awakening into positive thinking, entrepreneurship, and natural healing while living life. In short, I am an AWESOME teacher-turned-Passioneer. No, I didn't retire because kids were too crazy, pay was too small, work was too much or forced to give too many tests. A Passioneer is an individual that exercises passion.

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