4-star Review: Little Tokyo Restaurant

I had a difficult time evaluating Little Tokyo because the options were somewhat limited. We opened the festivities with edamame and the happy hour special-3 for $11 sushi rolls. Which rolls? Tuna, spicy tuna and snow crab.

Now, back to the edamame. We wanted SPICY edamame but it’s not on the menu. To fill our request, we were offered edamame with chili powder sprinkled on top. Not impressed. Maybe it was the chili powder. Maybe it was the combo but it wasn’t good. Tasted like edamame with chili powder. The Chirashi was the ticket. It came with 8 different fish pieces, layed loosely on the rice, separated in 5 sections. I loved it. $2.50 domestic bottles so I dove into the Bud Light, (found out they carry lemons, NO limes). The most interesting part of our meal was it’s ending. We paid but hadn’t noticed that it closed at 3pm. The establishment sent their truck delivery driver to inform us and ask us to leave. We were wondering why our beers and red wine had stopped!

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