4-star Review: Koji Ramen Bar (off I-45 in Spring)

We enjoyed ourselves here because of the atmosphere and vibe. It was the birthday celebration for a 13-yr old (I know, but HE chose). He kicked off it with chicken wings for appetizers. According to the family, “wings were soooo spicy BUT good!”

My six year old destroyed the wings too so they couldn’t have been THAT spicy. I had the vegan Ramen, certified pescatarian, and I came away impressed. The key?

This vegan Ramen was actually jam packed with the mushrooms, spinach, bean sprouts and other veggies. My trigger; remember, I’m a certified pescatarian, is vegan and veggie dishes that end up too much soup/broth/juice and just splinters of the vegetables. Koji’s dish was not that; it was heavy and fulfilling. The flavor was a solid B+ grade. I’d definitely consider it the go-to for regular visits.

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