3-star Review: Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

Prepare for a cliffnotes version of theme park with Pleasure Pier. This a cool beans amusement park with some interesting and entertaining rides, about 6 toddler-little-kids, about 6 games-that-you-can-play-to-win-same-prizes-your-GRANDPARENTS-won-at-seasonal-carnivals, usual overpriced food/snacks/beer and one nice stage for live performances. The funnel cakes are hit or miss and today was a super hit.   I have Multiple Sclerosis so heat and movement are big factors. This location is much smaller than Sea World, Six Flags, etc and that is a bonus for me! There are two sets of restrooms that are consistently cleaned, bonus for everyone. Benches are everywhere, another SUPER bonus for me and other handicapped/disabled persons.

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