3-star Review: CiCi’s Pizza of Conroe, Texas

SUUUUUPER impressed with this CiCi’s Pizza location. We slid in late on a school night, after 8pm. I am ALWAYS skeptical of bargain buffet food within hours of closing time. Come on y’all! Isn’t everyone? Anywho, I was thoroughly impressed. The salad was fresher than an early 2000 mall glam photo! I was really, REALLY impressed by this (3rd time mentioning so I’m honest folks). Tomatoes, cucumbers, even the mushrooms were all on point. The pizza-out-already was bare bones, another bonus to me because it guarantees FRESH rounds of pizza. The ice machine actually had ice. If you’re a bargain buffet veteran, you probably are unaware that ice machines are pushing cool water near closing time. Bathrooms were clean as well and all soap dispensers were full. Take a bow CiCi’s!

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