3-star Review: Buster’s Crawfish (Conroe)

Where I do I start with Buster’s Crawfish? The wife made an early visit on a random Friday Eve to beat the possible traffic. 3lbs for $14.99 can be a sweet deal if the crawfish are good. We arrived fully expecting loooooong wait times and basic service. We got neither. Opened with a classic seafood appetizer, fried pickles. They were ok while hot but fell off quick. The catfish was FLAKY than a mug! I enjoyed that but wife didn’t. It felt kinda like a beer batter; we usually do cornmeal. The crawfish were supposed to be the highlight and I’ll definitely comeback buuuuuut… They came within 25min so speed was NOT an issue. There were maybe 20% too small to even bother trying to peel, another 10% were not cooked alive (like 3 of 10 were edible so not bad at all .) THE REAL KICKER IS IT IS BYOB! I mean, crawfish, catfish, my own beer is a recipe for MY continued partipation in any establishment. I am bringing my own seasoning & spice next time too because as usual, the food was too bland for my liking. I understand though; I am not the average customer so no eatery should base flavor on my taste buds. Oh yeah, if you are handicapped, be prepared for a little struggle. Spacing is limited, curbs are plenty, chairs are tall but at least the RR was bleach smelling clean.

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