5-star Review: Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Words can’t describe the experience I had here. I gobbled up the swordfish and the ONLY issue was the size of the serving. As a side, I ordered a rice/crabcake combo that blew my mental. I couldn’t tell what was fluffier. Sashimi isn’t my thing but even that was outstanding because it was cut so perfectly. Our chocolate desserts were set ablaze by our waiter, Leslie. His service was great because he was always there without being there, think teleport skills. Not only that but when he spoke, he added intriguing commentary and viewpoints. No really, like the whole historical background on the wines and liquor we chose going back to colonialism! This place is IT.

WARNING: Be fully, FULLY, prepared to drop $150/person. Yup, that is 1 hundred AND fifty. IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

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