3-star Review: Panera Bread on the Tomball Parkway

I’m NOT impressed with this particular store. It started with so much hope because I’d heard good things but…I came for a power meeting with colleagues and finding a clean area wasn’t fun. I call it torture myself but I’m a wheelchair’ed warrior 😉♿Nevertheless, I made 2 full rounds of the establishment looking but couldn’t find a clean table. I ended up having to tell cashier and relayed the message yo whomever. From there, it was ok but that left a bad taste in my mouth. The soup was a solid B, salad B as well. My colleagues were usuals and left comfortable. Throughout our meeting, we were checked on by the employees for refills and such. The WIFI was free and restrooms clean (RRs are BIG for handicapped/mobile deficient). None of that made up for my empty search for a clean table.

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