4-star Review: Asian BBQ and Grill

ALERT! ALERT! I REPEAT ALERT CONROE! Asian BBQ and Grill is the proverbial diamond in the rough! The serving sizes were huge. HUGE like, “Man, I can’t eat all this shrimp”. Check my stats. I don’t brag on size until it jumps out at me. My wife really digs pho so we checked it out. The restaurant look is VERY simple but the food was exquisite and authentic. Our waiter, older Asian gentlemen was quick, attentive and asked us questions about life, marriage, the whole nine. NOPE. All that small talk and yet he was never TOO talkative. Be careful with the fresh jalapenos because those mugs are kickers! For real and I enjoy hot stuff. Bathrooms were squeaky clean too. The atmosphere was cool and quiet. A host of business men came in but never got loud. Same thing with a crew of painters, they ate and burned off but it was obvious both groups were regulars. We will be back THIS holiday weekend!

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