Showtime’s The Chi: Is It Worth Your Time?

This show was a referral by The Wife. I came into it heavily biased. I am not a fan of series/movies/documentaries/etc that depicts the struggle of African Americans. Without getting into a competition of who has watched the most, which are classics and the usual hoopla; let me be clear, I am just pure burned out on that perspective of us black folks. It’s only so many “gritty dramas” and so despair I can take. 

The Chi is just that. It screams of gritty. It boasts of despair. What makes it different? Plot twits snd character development. For a series to incorporate the plot twists that The Chi teases, its character development must be amazing. After the 1st episode, The Chi promises to parade interesting characters besieged by aggressive plots. This is what makes it different from the typical urban ballad or another Wire. 

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