These are the opinions and ideas of a King living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I, Kendrick Avant, experienced an increase in lesions using prescription medicines. These opinions and ideas should not constitute and/or substitute for medical advice. I am one real, live, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient with MY hopes, dreams, and testimonies laid bare, in hope, it will help others to know they are not alone. This my MS story but my Queen and kids fight the illness with me.

I am an Agent of Gratitude. I lead allthingsonelove, an Agency of Gratitude. Together, we champion wellness and give *BOTH middle fingers* to chronic pain, autoimmune disease, and invisible illness. As a family, team, unit, the squad, we navigate the changes and lifestyle that follow the decision to embrace Eastern Medicine over pharmaceutical drugs. Our goals have undergone a metamorphosis of perspective as we’ve grown. First, my wife and Queen retired from nursing to address the need for our dietary conversions and subtle shifts in eating habits. Although only Kendrick emerged Pescatarian, all others have radically reduced their intake of meat products. Instead, we experiment with exotic fruit and vegetables while aggressively increasing our overall consumption of healthy, meatless alternatives. Our children are home-schooled (separate, remote programs) to manage the risk of COVID-19 to themselves as well as their father. Physical exercise, once a school activity alone, is elevated by family trips to parks for basketball, neighborhood walks, and family yoga sessions. Screen-time was increased as the kids showed a sincere interest in developing content for gaming sites, YouTube channels, and of course, hanging out with family and friends over social media and video games. The additions, deletions, and revisions to our diet, activity, and lifestyle led to the hunt for wellness, the complete state of physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. With this rare opportunity to feel growth, push maturity, challenge conventional thinking, and conquer fear, our family seeks to build a lifestyle based exclusively on the ability to travel despite handicaps, disabilities, illness, or negativity. Our goal is to live on foreign beaches, free of medical commercials, and allow our children to experience life abroad. To reach those tropical climates and give the family time to enjoy that fantasy lifestyle, the entire unit helps to design and upgrade the blog as we continue shaping our foundation. My daughters work with me to create videos, edit podcasts and stack our library with photos and recorded events. My son stands guard, ready to physically move me should the need arise. When shoveling bags, equipment, and *winks* wheelchairs, he volunteers for heavy work and protection duties of his sisters. Our First Adult hovers about the grounds, handling store runs, chauffering siblings while completing her own mission of entrepreneurship. The Queen, exhilarating in her new position as “Wellness Chef”, hired herself as a secondary blogger confessing appreciation for the art of writing. 

Alas, there is myself, the Agent of Gratitude. I am employed as the face of the Agency and routinely parade the benefits of a Gratitude Journal, how it improved my perspective, cemented my acceptance of an illness I struggle to manage, much less combat. I maintain my mental clarity and emotional composure during stressful times with a Gratitude Journal to flood my memory with GOOD things that occur daily. The continuous activity of finding, reporting, and judging Gratitudes restricts the available free time I have to consider negativity. This practice alone is the foundation of my heart’s emotional strength and the reason I am able to see beyond my plethora of godforsaken symptoms. Meditation is a direct response to the need for improving my mental endurance. After two years, I can catch my thoughts going dark and steer them towards positivity and productivity. I adopted yoga for the stability of my body, starting with 12 poses and two years later, I have over 60 at my command to halt or slow the effects of the disease. My soul flies as we build this lifestyle, brand, business, and blog together!

Gratitude Journal

In 2017, a Queen sent me my first Gratitude Journal. She has a FB Group that focuses on inner strength and moving forward. Her journal was cool than a mug and gave me topics to write about instead of dragging my head, fearing the worst of Multiple Sclerosis. I never actually stuck to writing my Gratitudes on a daily basis until August 12, 2018. At that point, I accepted a Gratitude Journal Challenge on social media that pushed adventurers to share 3 Gratitudes on Facebook, every day, 30 days. At the conclusion, I challenged others to the same adventure but made sure to finish with people, regardless of whether they did. In 2019, I began sharing my Gratitude Journal on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, any, all, and every social media that I used! Why? I felt and STILL feel strongly in the power of a Gratitude Journal. It is the single, most influential factor explaining my acceptance of Multiple Sclerosis AND my robust energy to keep going.

MS-related Posts (Purpose)

Multiple Sclerosis is NOT strong enough to kill me. No way, no how. It is very capable of making life miserable as you lose control of basic body functions, physically and mentally. I fight back with PURPOSE. I know my purpose is to help others. Helping others is what defined my career in education, all three levels, as a teacher. Although schools refuse to hire me in their classrooms (*shrugs* Guess it is the wheelchair but whatever.) I can teach others, like me. I can detail the experiences on and off prescription medicines. I can share the intricacies of cannabis that I’ve learned will affect your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, how, why. I offer my harrowing accounts of balancing my water intake to offset the issues with bowel movements and incontinence. Are you struggling with sleep? Me too and I blogged about the solutions I found. Marriage, parenting, relationships and exhaustion. I know. *fist bump* It jacks me up and I offer what I did; in hopes, you do better. This blog is the help that I can provide to others. From the lessons I’ve learned changing my diet (I’m 4yrs into the Pescatarian lifestyle.) to how my family of 6, somehow, with a parent like ME, is surviving this Pandemic. I’m an original member of a podcast, That’s The Way I Feel, that centers on THRIVING despite Multiple Sclerosis. I’m building a research adventure in which I and another MS’er will follow the Healing Multiple Sclerosis protocols, swallow the advised vitamins and rid ourselves of the trauma and candida theorized to cause Multiple Sclerosis. My passion is helping others by testimonies, experience, and witnessed results over dedicated programs of study.

Books & Short Stories (Passion)

I grew up a reader. I read Malcolm X’s autobiography in the 6th grade but a teacher wrote me up and said I wasn’t capable of digesting such materials. *eye roll* I ended up becoming a teacher, winning Teacher of the Year, and left the classroom unaware that my true talent, real potential lay in written words. As my infatuation with blogging grew, my heart and spirit healed from the emotional scars of chronic illness. I published my FIRST ebook, If you can’t GET better, BE better, on January 1, 2020. The book is a collection of the 8 changes I undertook to transform my mindset into one sturdy enough for a life of adaptions, handicaps and disabilities. Over the remainder of 2020, I published two other books that culminated with the final, Knowledge Chase is Da G.O.A.T.. The book explores the unorthodox teaching methods and effective communication techniques that a young, Black teacher in Houston, Texas uses to captures his student’s imagination and harvest their attention. I’ve included poetry, remixes, and more short stories as I heighten my writing skills to start a new career as an author and blogger. What I have learned is that practice, the motions, and thoughts associated with crafting new stories have the power to distract my mind from the pain of my body. As I write the stories of Knowledge Chase, D’Boiya Beast, and Yevar, I am taken away from the pain, numbness, tingling, and spasms of Primary Progressive Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. These stories, this passion, work as healing agents for me and I hope, answer questions for readers and you.

Wellness Tips of the Day

We swim in facts concerning wellness. Over the years, the family and I gathered tips, strategies, tricks, short-cuts to improve wellness and even debunked some. From vitamins and supplements to water, yoga, meditation, diet, even our children take Wellness & Holistic Health courses within their respective schools. Here, we share that information as images, videos, and eyewitness accounts.

Crunk Talks

Kendrick is building a business as a Motivational Speaker and Growth Coach. As a former Character Education Teacher of the Year, he designed lesson plans and instruction for students that required “convincing”. He did that through unique teaching methods and authentic conversations bridged with trust. This is what he offers to the Tribe of those seeking self-improvement. On a regular basis, Kendrick will sit before the Tribespeople to argue their mindset and heart. He will present these arguments using the language of hustlers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and star players over a YouTube channel.

Podcasts and Web series

In an everlasting, ongoing battle vs. Multiple Sclerosis, Kendrick and the Queen share their insight, stories, finances, and work with others to spread honest, relevant information. They do this by:

  • That’s The Way I Feel podcast (TTWIF for short) – This is a podcast hosted by a Queen and 2 Kings, each with Multiple Sclerosis. The information is geared towards educating listeners on thriving despite ANY chronic illness. Guests are invited from all facets of life to share their expertise on the Americans with Disabilities Act, dealing with workplace modifications and dating while balancing wellness because it all goes together. Episodes are released on Fridays! (Link to the TTWIF podcast homepage on Spotify!)
  • MS Outlaws: Battling Chronic Illness – GoFundMe account started to help patients of Multiple Sclerosis receive professional, nutritional consultations and 6-months of vitamins/supplements tailored towards their individual deficiencies.
  • Agency of Gratitude, the non-profit – Coming soon! The Agency of Gratitude will be formed to help patients in need of wheelchairs, diapers and meal plans that they can physically make themselves.
  • If you can’t GET better, BE better Lifestyle – This is a video diary of Kendrick’s attempts to rid his body of the candida fungus by eliminating alcohol, sugar, and gluten from his diet in addition to taking 14 vitamins/supplements aimed at his own deficiencies. (*duck face*)

Family Excursions of Gratitude

Pictures, snitch videos, testimonials, recipes, links to projects and anything else we can use as an expression of Gratitude and family activity with fun and grace!

Services Provided

Here, you will find the services provided: tutoring, meal plans, blogging, freestyle writing, promotional/advertising, motivational speaking, and growth coaching. I use an arsenal of technology devices and apps to address the needs of clients and my innate strength of communication has only heightened as I OVER-stand my illnesses. The pandemic grants openings and I use it to think outside the box. Whether writing articles that coat products and services in genuineness or speaking to groups with a naturalism born of gritty decisions and successful endeavors, I shine inspirational words and relatable stories to steer others towards a positive, grateful life.